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All you need to know about funeral planning.

04th Jul 2023

What is Martin Lewis advice on funeral plans?

Find out what Martin Lewis’ the Money Saving Expert, has to say about prepaid funeral plans and whether they are good idea.

18th Jul 2022

What is a trust based prepaid funeral plan?

We explain what a trust based funeral plan is and how it differes to other types of prepaid funerals.

17th Nov 2020

How does cremation work?

Find answers to all your questions on the cremation in our short and easy-to-read guide. Get the facts and dispel many popular myths.

26th Feb 2018

Am I too old for life insurance?

In most cases, no matter what your age, you will never be too old for life insurance.

24th Nov 2015

The Importance of Planning For Our Later Life

A guide to later life planning in your 50s, 60s and 70s it's never too late or too early to start

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